Matamoras Borough   
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Our Elected and Appointed Officials

Elected and Appointed Officials


Joseph Sain, President
Peter Sigreto, Vice President
Dayne Losee, Councilman
David Clark, Councilman
Tom Greiner, Councilman
Kevin Rose, Councilman
Mark Madsen, Councilman
Janet Clark, Mayor
Robert J. Fitch, Borough Secretary
Greg Myer, Treasurer
Eric Hamill, Solicitor
McGoey, Hauser & Edsall, Engineers
Jane Drake, Tax Collector
Gary Babb, Emergency Management Coordinator
B.I.U. Building and Zoning James Damski, Building Inspector
Justin Striharsky S.E.O
William Clark, Historian
Al Holtzer, President of Recreation

If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to call our borough office at (570) 491-2771. You can also e-mail the Borough of Matamoras via this address: